I am a London based Product Designer solving customer first problems for mobile apps and web-based experiences, to create desirable products people love to use!

I work within product squads with Project Managers and my fellow creatives. I have worked in various companies and agencies and even spent some time abroad in Sweden (Hej Hej).

I also love craft making, and lately, in lockdown, I have gone craft mad and have opened my own Etsy shop, selling soaps, prints badges, you name it, I'll craft it!

👋🏼 HEY, I'm Melissa

Product Process

Below is my recent work showcasing my product experiences at my most recent companies. Each case study takes you through my thought process on how I solve problems that generate user and business value. I focus on creating human-centered experiences that solve problems by collaborating with product and engineering partners. We take goals and break them down into discovering solutions and testing our best option forward. I use design thinking to work through problems.


Define customer's problems and opportunities


Ideate concepts with quick rough sketches, and lots and lots of sticky notes. As well as testing these ideas with user testing. 


Create working prototypes, finalized Visual Design, and iterate on user testing. 

recent CAse Studies

Photobox Creation studio

Earlier this year I joined the design team for the Photobox group. I joined the core editor team, creating the new editor for the Photobox site, in order to increase AoV and conversion. In September 2019, Photobox's new creation studio went live 100% of customer traffic and was successful in the first "peak" from release. Using a comprehensive customer insight strategy and A/B testing approach we were able to drive experience and revenue upside throughout the project. This has resulted in +33% AoV, -50% creation time and +5.5pp better conversion.

Service Design

Mobile Web

Event management dashboard

This was a bespoke event management project to assist lager companies to track and build their own event system. Skip all the hassle of outsourcing to a 3rd party, with endless emails, when you can build your own quickly and easily.

Quander lets you build, monitor, and executive in less than a couple of hours. The solution is a dashboard giving these users more confidence and accuracy to make a smooth event manager, to track and monitor event success to share with key stakeholders. 

Interaction Design



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