👋🏼 HEY, I'm Melissa

I am a London based Senior Product Designer currently working at Thortful, the UK's number 1 card marketplace. I am highly focused on delivering high-quality customer-facing products. Running usability studies to help build hypothesis, and customer retention strategies through various methodologies such as heuristic analysis, usability testing & other methods. Working closely with the analytics team to discover customer behaviours, usability issues to support work to increase customer conversion and AoV. 

I work within product squads with Project Managers and my fellow creatives. I have worked in various companies and agencies and even spent some time abroad in Sweden (Hej Hej).

I also love craft making, and lately, in lockdown, I have gone craft mad and have opened my own Etsy shop, selling soaps, prints badges, you name it, I'll craft it!


Product Process

Below is my recent work showcasing my product experiences at my most recent companies. Each case study takes you through my thought process on how I solve problems that generate user and business value. I focus on creating human-centered experiences that solve problems by collaborating with product and engineering partners. We take goals and break them down into discovering solutions and testing our best option forward. I use design thinking to work through problems.

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Define customer's problems and opportunities

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Ideate concepts with quick rough sketches, and lots and lots of sticky notes. As well as testing these ideas with user testing. 

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Create working prototypes, finalized Visual Design, and iterate on user testing. 


Want to say hello?

Want to have a chat to learn more about my work, or want to share a new opportunity with me, drop me a line via email


"Melissa is professional, intelligent and competent worker and colleague. She knows her role well and is a pleasure to work with. She is also constructive, creative and open to new ideas."

Senior Backend Engineer at thortful

"She is constantly pushing UX to be one of out topics when we discuss, scope and execute our tasks, being it a bug fix or new feature. This is really important, as thortful can't succeed "just" selling cards. It needs to deliver the best service in the market.

She runs really interesting user research sessions, always making sure that other members in the team get insights from them. This is important, as we need to know the pain from our users in order to survive as a business"

Product Designer at Photobox