Creating simpler and safer solutions for your bike.

Find my bicycle


Apollo is a smart light weight lock, aimed at commuters to help make the locking process, quicker, safer and simpler. ​

The project is part of the "Find my Bicycle" brand.

The lock is made from a lightweight fibre-glass blended with steel to make it resistant from theft attempts as well as every day wear and tear. The lock does not use a key compared to existing systems, instead combines with a app and a finger recognition key. 

This links to the Find my Bicycle app, where users can unlock their bike, find safe routes to travel and speak to other cyclists to find out the latest accessories, incidents and general biking information. 

Concept Sketches

I looked at current locking designs to see how these could be adapted and utilised in the design. 

Keyshot Renders

Once I had decided on a final shape and design on the lock, I then 3D modelled the concept in Fusion 360. I used Keyshot to create realistic renders to show consumers what the final concept would look like. 

These two stages show how the lock opens. When the user enters their personal code, the lights signal whether the entry was correct. If all the lights go white then the code was correct and the lock can now be removed. If the lights flash red then an invalid entry has been entered.