Armadillo App.

App design to help you get the best night sleep

The Problem:


Armadillo is a new app that aims to give users a better nights sleep by over writing the access of the phone to users in the hours they are supposed to be asleep.


The system works by programming the app with the hours the users would like to sleep. So if the user would like to get 8 hours sleep and have to wake up by 7am, then the user will be going to sleep at 11pm. Therefore at 11pm Armadillo will begin to dim the screen, and notify them that Armadillo will soon be going to sleep. If the user tries to use their phone out of the specified hours the snoozing Armadillo logo will flash up.


Armadillo is a new brand creation for products assisting in helping users to lead a healthier lifestyle.
The app tracks your sleep average, however it is different to existing sleep monitors as Armadillo shuts the users phone down in the hours they are asleep. 
Armadillo mode does not let the user use their phone in the allotted hours of sleep. 

Product Mission:


The idea looks to extend to having internet controlled products. The first would be a stand/alarm clock for the users to place their iPhones. The stand forms around the phone like an “Armadillo" to create a secure connection and prevents the user from being disturbed. In the morning when the user should be awaking, Armadillo begins to glow a subtle orange colour, the alarm sounds begin to play slowly easing the user from their sleep. The lights get brighter until the users stop the alarm sound. Upon doing so Armadillo will display the predicted weather forecast, to help users get a good start to their day.