Asian Cup 2019.

Re-thinking the brand experience


The Idea:

I wanted to create a new branding identity for the Asian cup 2019. Having done an audit on the current website and app, the platforms didn't seem to flow harmoniously. Therefore I decided to use this as a case study for my own personal project. 



I designed a new website for both web and mobile that allowed fans to quickly and easily find out who was playing next, the latest highlight and book tickets for the next match on the tour locator. I also created a section for users to create an online scrapbook to store all their media through the day in one easy location. I chose the Australian team to create a new concept kit for. Hand drawing aboriginal art for the unique design on the shirt. 


The app

The app lets users quickly and easily find the latest matches and highlights from the games. The dark UI makes the images rich in contrast to the yellow call to actions. The cards all scroll across the screen letting users explore as much of the content as possible. 


My designs for the new AFC Australia kit. 

Website - Home  .png
Website - Locations.png

A few pages of the AFC website where users can quickly find tour dates and the latest highlights.