Bee Smart.

Graphic Design project raising awareness of bees

A campaign to raise awareness of the importance of bees

This was a graphic design project, chosen to promote the importance of the humble bee. Currently in the UK there has been a huge decline in the bee population, with losses of 50%. Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem and for agriculture and the food market. Many people do not understand or know very little about bees and what they contribute to our day to day lives. Therefore this project looked at creating a series of campaign posters, to be placed in areas of very heavy foot traffic, such as the Underground. The project collaborated with British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA) to help encourage more people to visit their website and read on line journals about bees and ways we can help bees. 

The second half of the project was creating an information pack. The posters gave a link where users could log on and apply for a free starter pack. The pack came with a bee iformation book, telling the users how to identify different bee species, a little history of the bee and the key roles they play in the environment. Each pack contained 6 small biodegradable pots and 3 packs of bee friendly seeds. This was to encourage users to plant flowers to help provide more foliage for bees to visit. The biggest cause of the decline in bees, is the loss of natural habitats, forcing them to travel further and further to find food. Therefore this pack aimed to help people do something small to support bees, to make a big impact

Homegrown Lavender from the seed packs