Little Explorers.

App design to help make your journey safer


The Problem:

We live in a modern world where we are so blinded by technology that we often forget what is around us. In the last 50 years parents have seen playgrounds become ghosts towns, watching children huddled inside and taken into a virtual world. 

Whilst this new phenomena cannot be changed, I wanted to explore a solution where tech goes hand in hand with nature. The app gamifies the identification of flora and forna. The more they explore the higher the level they unlock.


The project combines highly technical products, with simplistic physical products. The physical products will be highly ruggedised designed in mind for outdoors and the rough hands of children. During their exploration they will be collecting many different items of interest, storing data into their "Scrapbook". Upon finishing the journey the two platforms cam be syned together.  Their mission goals will align and see how well the children met their exploration goals. 


Quick coloured sketch of one of the concepts​


The app will track how many vehicles have safely passed the cyclist and records the distance the driver kept between them and the bike. When the cyclist has finished their journey the software will add to a collective database and offer alternatives in future.The app also helps with user safety when cycling alone, as the app will alert members of family, of their progress and estimated time of arrival giving family members peace of mind when their loved ones are cycling alone. An emergency response could also be incorporated