Connected play for kids


Animo RX is an immersive game for children combining both digital and physical play. Interactive bricks powered by an Arduino allow children to build shapes, solve math problems or other tasks, and get real-time feedback on their iPad. I was approached by two developers who have been working on creating their own education games for kids. I was asked if I could help build them a brand around the concept as well as head up the UX & UI. This was a great opportunity to stretch my muscles across several aspects of design.

Customer journey

I decided to create a customer journey map using Miro, to understand how customers find and interact with our current desktop experience, to highlight and pains and gains. I also tried to think of their feelings throughout the process to identify any opportunities or quick wins we as a business could unlock. Once having completed the customer journey, this helped write up the jobs to be done. 

Gam on-boarding.png
Points board.png