The Problem:

You want to plan a fun night out, but all the nights lately have become the same. You want something fun and exciting. You want Où est le poulet. Où est le poulet is a fun bar crawl app where teams have to hunt down the thirsty chicken who drinking all the bar tab. The game works by someone nominating themselves to be the chicken (fully dressed in a chicken suit). They will collect £10 from each member to add to the kitty. Once the money has been collect, the chicken scarpers and the hunt begins. Each team must find the chicken as fast as possible to find the chicken and start spending the bar tab. However should the team enter a place the chicken is not in, they must drink a swift drink!

The Problem:


It’s 4am, the baby is crying for the 5th time tonight, so you drag yourself out of bed to make the bottle. Functioning at this time of the morning is difficult. Making the bottle is a complex process even with a machine, and you’re falling asleep loading the powder into the bottle. What if all you had to do is roll over in bed, click ‘make’ on your smartphone or tablet and when you arrive in the kitchen, the bottle is ready and waiting?


How it works:


Hungry Tums is a bottle maker that parents can login to via their smartphone or tablet to schedule when a bottle needs to be made for their child. 


Hungry Tums lets parents schedule a bottle to be made at a particular time from anywhere, or in real time from their bed at the touch of a button, as soon as their child begins to cry. By the time they’ve comforted their child and walked downstairs, Hungry Tums should have a bottle ready and waiting for their hungry baby.

More than just an App

Becoming a parent is a daunting task. All the hand books you could ever read still will not prepare new parents what being a parent is like. 

Therefore Hungry Tums is about creating a product that users will trust and look to for sources of information. The app aims to have an open source community centre, where other users can share tips and tricks to parenting. 

Push notifications will remind users when they are running low on food supplies, potential new products they might be interested to ensure stress and anxiety is reduced for both parent and baby.

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The App:

Before the event starts, the chicken logs on to the app to make the event. He sets the distance and who will be in each team. An event code is auto generated and they will send this out to all members so they can access their specific team. Team members are asked to login to the app, and upload an image of their team. The team will use the app the most to update the chicken on their drinking progress. However in order to help find the chicken, the chicken can release clues onto the timeline to help narrow the hunt down. Each time a clue is added to the timeline a notification is sent straight to all members phone. The timeline shows all team photos, tab updates to show how much the tab is going down, chicken clues and team winners. 

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The Planning:

The app was divided into different tasks amongst the team. The team consited of :​

Sean Howard - Senior iOS Developer 

Chris Owen - Senior Android Developer

Melissa Cameron - Product Designer