F1 Innovation Prize.

2018 entry for Tata F1 Prize

F1 Innovation Prize

The F1 run a competition each year open to the public to submit ideas for new ways to keep viewers watching and interacting with the F1. This year I decided to take part. This was my entry for 2018. 

Overview of the solution

F1 locker aims to give the user a rich and fulfilling experience by engaging with the race and teams but also allowing them to participate in live viewing or remotely in app with a real-time game testing your race strategy skills. See how you fare against your favourite team/driver - HAVE YOUR SAY LIKE YOU ARE PART OF THE TEAM!


The app is broken down in to 3 main navigation points - My Race, F1 Hub and event information:


My race - lets users pick a driver, choose which tyres they think the driver should go for (super soft, hard), drop pins at locations they think the driver will brake/ accelerate, number of tyre changes (within rules), predict fastest lap time (against PB and track best) and maximum speed reached (think getting the youth hooked and boys and girls talking top speeds!) and finally predict whether they will win or what position they will finish. Using ai the app will also create shareable output by letting users take a “selfie” with their chosen driver. Or they can see how it feels to be standing first place on the podium! The photo images can be shared directly to social media with concurrent hashtags decided by the F1 branding team. 


F1 hub -   is more content specific pulling down data that F1 currently uses such as pit crew biometrics, car performance and topics about the track location. They can also get one step closer to their driver of choice by seeing the drivers biometrics before the race, e.g heart rate, stress levels etc. As well as find out what the drivers are listening to and add it to your playlists, to have access to their musical inspiration at their fingertips. 


Event info - This provides information about the next race, weather forecasts, live new updates and race highlights all in one neat and tidy place. In app purchases can made here also, letting users buy tickets for the next race, merchandise and sign up to F1 subscriptions. 


User take home, if the users predictions come true. 

The Technology 

The “My Race” technology will be focused on pre-loaded database of OPTIMUM key race data points written by F1 management and/or race Team Principles consortium, in advance. This data will be a simplified best case scenario that race teams would suggest have the best strategy for winning. Ie. at Silverstone, a 2 tyre change strategy with soft first then medium compounds. The user will be attempting to get as close to these preset data points as possible.


The proprietary algorithm takes weighted scores against each participants data points as compared against the F1 database and calculates from track record times, a theoretical race finish time. However, for live adjustments, the feedback from the race on laps under pace car control will be removed from averages to maintain a fair comparison with real time race times. Live data from ambient and track temperature will weight the result from tyre selection. Competing against your favourite driver will have the team lap time and results weighted against the track records.


My Race competition is multi-platform. Mobile apps using native platforms such as Swift, Google firebase and local database with F1 database feed complied in JSON or similar for comparative data. On higher bandwidth PC and console apps/games, the “My Race” entry would be supported by augmented reality shots of “My Car” on a live race track – various views, plan, trackside view points and in-car.

Copy of User Journey Flow Template - Use

User journey flow of the app