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The project

The Problem:

So you are out shopping, you need a new outfit for the party tonight and you need some feedback on what to wear. You frantically take pictures of all your style choices and bombard your friends on your WhatsApp group. But now everyone is replying at once, their feedback is a jumbled mess and your not better off with your own judgment. You just want to know what to wear!

DIWI feed:

When your friends are added to the stylist app, all style emergencies will be displayed in the main feed on the home page. Here users can see how many "hearts" their outfit has been given as well give feedback. Users will be informed when a new style emergency comes in on their feed, as main menu navigation will pop up with a notification icon, shown on the main landing page. 

Research & Planning



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Main landing page​

Menu Navigation​

Stylist Feed

Sending a Stylist Request

The function follows similarly to snapchat, where users can send a picture of their outfit with a small 100 character caption. ​Users can chose to send a video, a live picture or a picture from you image library. The style of the app is clean utilising only two colours of various tones. This is to keep the UI easy to understand and focus on the main camera function. Users can then add to their stylist network at anytime.