Dyson Drive.

Future of autonomous cars.


Car Dashboard


Cars are becoming more than just vehicles to get us from A to B. They now allow us to watch films, catch the latest news and ultimately become a mobile home. With this in mind we now need to move cars further beyond than just controlling heating and lighting. The centre console needs to be where we can quickly access all our controls, removing the need for physical buttons, making the interior of a car more streamlined. 

The Process

DD User Journey Flow Template - User Flo

U​sing Lucid Charts to create a user flow

4boards edit car.png

The Design


With cars having onboard computer systems, I thought it would be an interesting concept to into, where by the interior of the car can be controlled via a mobile phone device. With IOT services becoming increasingly popular, why not connect your home and car together. The premise behind the idea is that devices such as google home or Amazon Alexa will notify the phone of any changes in weather or traffic alerts. Upon seeing this when the user wakes up they can adjust their car to suit. This may mean on a foggy morning the lights need to be lowered to the ground and the fog lights turned on. One of the concepts was more future focuses where the tyres could be changed by their location. Should the user be in a snowy mountainous range, snow tyres need to be activated. The self inflated tyres using pressurised air stored in small canisters in the chassis, force air into a thing layer wrapped around the tire. Once this starts to inflate it pushes out small little metal studs, which will help with extra grip in icy conditions. 

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Car Share


When looking at our current car market, it is clear our current model of one car per person is not one that is sustainable. Cars release harmful gases such as monoxide, and nitrogen oxides, now times this with the number of cars there are in the world (1.015 billion to be exact) our planet cannot to sustain one person to one car. With the new developments in autonomous cars, encouraging car share is a huge growing market. So as well as looking at the UI interface side of cars, I also wanted to look at the service system behind a car sharing scheme. I created a system, that simply lets you see all the car sharing rides in your area, information about the driver and the ease of contacting them through the messenger or direct phone call. All numbers are directed through the Dyson share pool service to protect customer data. 

Car Share.png

The Design


The final design uses the same Orange elements from the car editor. The design is super clean to make the navigation of the service as quickly as possible. The premise follows closely to taxi services such as Uber, however the users can select a seat preference to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. They can talk to the driver to inform them of any specific requirements. Once the ride has been accepted the tracker page appears to show the progress of the journey. Push notifications will be sent with an updated ETA so you can get ready whilst the other passengers are being picked up. 

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