Find my bicycle.

App design to help make your journey safer

Helping keeping you safe in the city

Find my bicycle is a concept to help improve awareness of cyclists to drivers on the road, such as the London buses - as well as give the cyclist a bit more security. The design comprises of an App, smart wearable and a small proximity sensor for the users bicycles and a small alert system for drivers, all using geo-tagging. 

Before setting off the cyclist will plan their route with “find my bicycle” an app which will plan the route avoiding the most heavily congested roads. The user will then put on the small smart wearable and the proximity sensor to their bike, that will detect the proximity of objects/vehicles/ persons to the cyclist. When a large object such as a bus is approaching, the sensor will alert the user by vibrating the small nodes on the inside of smart wearable. This informs the cyclist to take extra care. 

The app will track how many vehicles have safely passed the cyclist and records the distance the driver kept between them and the bike. When the cyclist has finished their journey the software will add to a collective database and offer alternatives in future.The app also helps with user safety when cycling alone, as the app will alert members of family, of their progress and estimated time of arrival giving family members peace of mind when their loved ones are cycling alone. An emergency response could also be incorporated