UI // Experience Design

A ​bespoke whiskey dram 

A company project for Fatunicorn. Working as the lead designer we came up with a bespoke whiskey experience where a flavour of whiskey was poured based on the answers you gave to a short quiz. The users answered by spinning the answered wheel to where they felt was the most relevant. In order to get as many users through the experience as quickly as possible, the users were restricted to a choice of 5 answers. At the end of the experience users were poured a whiskey flavour based on their results, the flavours where a 12 or 15 year old malt or a whiskey cocktail. Once they had their drinks they could then have their photo taken whilst holding the drink. The photo then had a filter overlay to match the style of the whiskey. The experience was in San Jose in Califonia.


Glenlivet Whiskey Dram.

App design to help making feeding your baby simpler