the proposition:

To inspire & enable every Gousto customer to get the most out of their subscription

The current experience at Gousto provides an excellent jumping off point for our customers, however we found that particularly new customers were dropping off after the first 8 weeks of customer sign up. That meant we loosing up to 70% of our customers within the first 3 months as part of the activation and onboarding experience. Therefore we decided to set 2 OKR's. When interviewing customers, what we found was once the new acquisition discount ended, customers often didn't see the full potential of Gousto and the value it could add to their day to day lives. We found that customers only really interacted with the app when choosing their recipes, and then for the rest of the week until the box arrived never really thought about Gousto again. From research we found that customers were looking for something more compelling from the Gousto offering. Therefore we decided to make that our primary focus of how to make Gousto more embedded in our customers lives. We decided to tackle two buckets of customer, early life subscribers and maintaining retention. There are the two OKR's we set out. 

OKR1. Increase the % of new customers still active after 8 weeks

early life subscribers


OKR 2 :Create reasons for customers to engage with Gousto beyond the box

driving the vision for rockets

As a 4 amigo structure we decided as a team, which comprised of 2 designers (myself being one of them), our PM and our Retention executive, we decided to start by deciding what we wanted our vision for this project to be. We decided that our core goal was to be as customer focused as possible. Therefore we set about some outcomes that needed to be true for our discovery process to be true. We realised that we also needed to have a business focus as well as a customer focus, which was then to tackle preventing our customers from churning after the first 8 boxes. 

Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 13.17.36.png


We decided to come up with a framework to which we would all work too. The first part was to pitch to senior stakeholders that we wanted to drive this as part of our OKR planning. This was well received and we began the process of continuous discovery. 

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 14.49.03.png

Jobs to be done

We’ve used the below framework for our analysis, to understand what core jobs customers use Gousto to solve, and the pain points they currently have with those jobs. Our goal is for this to help us understand which opportunity areas are most important to focus on in comms and our core product!


1. Understand pain points pre-Gousto, and triggers to sign up 


2. Understand what jobs Gousto solves and doesn’t solve 


3. Create opportunity areas from the jobs Gousto doesn’t solve / could better solve within the customer acquisition space

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 14.42.13.png

Generative customer research

From the research, we used this as the main basis of to identify primary opportunities. We met with customers every week to ask them about their experience with Gousto, how did they find us and if anything what would they like to change. Over the course of a few weeks I read and categorised over 20 customer reviews to better understand the main problems and patterns. Over 65% of all the reviews mentioned a lack of understanding of what Gousto provided to them, and whilst they love the meals when they arrived it wasn't compelling enough to not make them doubt their subscription. As well as wanting more from the service so that they could interact with Gousto outside of just choosing their recipes. Many customers mentioned loyalty rewards that other challenger food subscription services offered such as Hello Fresh. 


"Hello Fresh rewards offers a certain amount of points for each item....I could cash my points in early but I kept going and stuck with them so I could get a better price."

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 14.28.00.png

Opportunity tree

Having such rich customer insight meant, defining our opportunity tree was very quick and easy. From each of the reviewers we broke their observations down into jobs to be done and set them as our primary opportunities. Then as a team, with insights we learnt from customer interviews we then set about creating a secondary set of opportunities. All linking back to our primary goal of "Increasing the % of new customers still active after 8 weeks".

Onboarding & Activation J2BD research Synth (5).jpg

Opportunity Priorities

We were then able to split out the priorities into Primary and Secondary. We wanted to look at ways to have two key metrics one founded by the customer and the other by the team to ensure that both customer focused and business needs were met. 

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 13.43.07.png

Joint infinity mapping

Using the opportunities shown in our opportunity tree, we then decided to group these into core themes. This workshop was ran together with design and the engineers to get a holistic understanding of both design and tech limitations. 

OKR rockets workshop (1).jpg
OKR rockets workshop (1).jpg

Solutions workshop

We voted on the top two categories to take forward to start expanding on. Using crazy 4's we each came up with 4 rough concepts, taking two of the strongest ideas forward for more development. We then dot voted on the strongest ideas as a team. 

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 13.50.20.png

refining the direction

From the dot voting, the two clearest themes that came our of the session were about Gousto x climate change and finding ways for customers to embed Gousto into their day to day lives.