Let JOSEI help you.

The app that better understands women.

The Problem:

There are so many apps on the market today. The problem is which one do you choose. Many of us end up having multiple apps for different data metrics. I found this particularly common in women. Many women felt they did not have all their needs in one easy to use secure app. 



Josei looks at having all your personal data safely stored in one app. Women can track their menstrual cycle, plan appointments with their consultants as well as track their daily exercise routine. However the data is broken down into two levels. When the app is opened they are navigated to a landing page giving an overview of their daily updates. Personal information cannot be accessed here.  In order to view patient information and care, the users secure password or finger print must be entered. This prevents prying eyes or identify theft occurring. Encouraging uses to fully utilise Josei and create a health companion.