The Project

Nowadays the young ones live in a world of digital media that has the power to shape minds and behavior, so it’s important to make the child’s screen time positive and enriching.


Therefore I wanted to create a concept that encouraged children to have more empathy with the environment and encourage them to take an interest in the amazing things that grow, crawl, wriggle and blossom.

Project Goals:

  • Let children explore the nature in a secure way 

  • Educational tutorials to help break down information in a digestible way

  • Sync up with exploration products to encourage physical activity

I was approached by 2 investors to help them design their new app and create a place for children to safely explore the ideas they love, and learn skills to help them grow. I had the opportunity to be very hands on, from designing the user experience overall map to be their main designer, illustrator and even animate the app splash screen.

Render of one of the products from the series

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