Little Hives

Helping children explore nature

Encouraging the welfare of bees

This was a personal project to encourage the wellfare of bees. In the last 50 years the UK has seen a huge decline of bees up to 45%. Bees play an important role in eco-systems and plant life, as well as pollinating crops for human consumption. Since demand for new homes is ever increasing this leaves very little natural space to allow for the natural meadows where bees can thrive. This project looks at encouraging more urban dwellers to look after bees. 

It is very important to encourage young children to unsterstand the importance of bee's. However there are very little opportunities children can get close to nature without disturbing them. Therefore this product range looked at creating a less obtrusive design to see how the bees operate in their natural environment. 

"More than 14% of England's honeybee colonies are dying"


Encouraging the welfare of bees

I wanted to create a unit small enough so that users could embed the product in their gardens either in flower beds or other foliage, removing the need for the product to be mounted to walls or trees. The viewing window on the side allows the users to see the bees and other small insects without disturbing them. The nesting tubes near the viewing window have had small segments cut out so users can see eggs, larvae, and other form of natural wildlife.