I have always loved making crafts, ever since I was a young girl, I would be out in the garden munching up petals (and upsetting my neighbors) to create my own "perfumes". The reality was, they weren't very good and often just smelt like...well watery mushy petals. As I got older I then moved into more interior crafting for my Polly pockets and making them townhouses from old shoe boxes. I guess thats what inspired me to study design at school and then at university and ultimately a career in design. 

Since lockdown, the daily routine had become very mundane, wake up, make a tea in my favourite bee mug, log on, 9 am stand up, and then keep my bottom on the same chair for 8 hours until 5 pm rolled around and it was logging off time. Well, that got me thinking, about all the crafts I used to spend hours after school making, and why couldn't I spend hours after work making crafts also. So I went on to you Youtube to watch some videos ( well I more fell into a youtube hole) and 4 hours later, and blurry-eyed decided I was going to start with candles and soaps. After a while, my craft corner started up eating more of our living room, until my boyfriend suggested making an Etsy shop. I also love drawing and illustrating on my iPad, which you can see on my illustration page. Interested in my homemade crafts, check out the link below.

Untitled_Artwork 22.jpg

Making soaps & candles is messy work


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I slowly became more adventurous with my candles and started making them in these adorable little tins. I used paraffin wax to start with until I found a more eco-friendly solution in Soy wax. Each of the candles was lightly scented with vanilla essence. 


Most recently I have been making soaps. These have been doing particularly well on my Etsy shop, with different flavors from, Lemon and Ginger, Mint and Eucalyptus, English Rose, and I have also been playing around with Matcha tea heart soaps.