NBA Fan Combine.

Improving the user experience for the NBA combine

The Problem:


The NBA combine is one of the biggest sporting events in America, with over 20,000 visitors attending the event. The event allows the public to take part in all the training events the professional players have to endure at the start of the draft season. Therefore we wanted to make the event even more than just being part of the NBA for the day, we wanted to create an experience that users could take home and enjoy after the event. 

The locker app:

The locker app, was designed to allow users to keep a record of all the events they had taken apart of. The app would collect and compare the results to real players in the league teams. When registering for the app, users were asked to choose their favourite team and player. The player would become their motivation through out the day. The app also helped making the navigation of the event easier but providing information about the event, where to find the activations.

The activation.

Here show renders of the final design for the measure up wall. Since the design was to be built in Valencia, Spain, the structure had to use easy connect scaffolding, where a printed poly cloth would be applied to the frame with the design. An xbox connect is measuring the wingspan and collating the results. 

Below shows a one piece moulding of the NBA hand measure. Users place their hands on the white plinth where their hand size will be scanned and compared to an existing player.