In 2019 I was asked to create a bespoke event management dashboard to assist lager companies to track and build their own event system. I was the only designer within the team, and took the project from end to end, from initial wireframes, user testing, iterative rounds of design/testing, and finally fully functioning prototypes. 



Many event management platforms are time-consuming and confusing to implement. The challenge here was to create a system that was seamless, easy to train clients to use, and give reliable metrics for companies to measure against. The main aim was to Using heat maps, footfall tracking, Ai and customer data to see which parts of the event were most engaging, and how to improve upon new events.


The solution was an event management dashboard. The dashboard was broken down into various component levels. Event overview, data analytics, event builder, and profile.  Within the event builder, companies could build their own events using in house tools such as green screen builders, email campaigns, and many others.  The key stakeholder Sky often requires these tools to create engaging outputs for customers when running new product campaigns. 

Paper wire frames


Paper wire-frames were used to create quick design prints

The designs

First time use

First Time Use

1.0 Dashboard welcome back, summary stat
1.0 Dashboard FTU_30.jpg

Thinking about how to approach such a large system was not an easy task. I wanted to create a design that was easy enough for a wide variety of users. Most dashboards are very technical and put many people off. Therefore when users first create an account they are taken through the onboarding process, using tooltips to run them through each stage. The modules are filled in as a demo. The design would be interactive with some elements animating to show how the data analytics work. 

Event builder

1.0 One project Edit.png
1.0 form builder edit mode- error.png

When setting up an event, modification and form builders were designed with ease in mind. All errors are shown with a red banner notification. The form builder uses a similar design to typeform.

Event analytics

1.0 View All Dashbaords Event Summary.pn
1.0 Dashbaords Events detail.png

Event analytics could be said to be the most important part of any event management system. Customer metrics are so important for companies to find the value in any campaigns they invest money into. The graphics break down each event by footfall, heat maps, and interaction time. Since many of our events have some sort of customer output such as photo or GIF media, we have also encapsulated the customer media here, to see how they vary from event to event.

Invision prototype

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 21.57.49.png

Testing prototypes created in In-Vision were crucial to see whether users understood the design. We also created a timed test, to see how long it took each tester to create an event from start to finish.

design iteration

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 21.52.12.png

The final system comprises of nearly 100 different design elements