What is Shutterbug?


Shutterbug is a DIY photo-booth suitable for any environment. The idea was to create a super easy photo-booth for less than £20. We decided to make the app suitable for iPads to ensure the product was as consumer friendly as possible.  The design had to give the biggest freedom possible to ensure the end output was beautiful. Therefore custom frame builder means users can create over 10,000 different designs for their photos. Our template uploader also allows businesses/ retail to use our product with their own branding. 


Shutterbug is designed with the simplest interface possible, whilst still maintaining all the features of a high-end photo-booth but for 1/3 of the price. All the images taken are shared via email and the app will automatically create a gallery, for safe keeping at a later stage. 

What was my role?

Working along side the development team I was responsible for all aspects of this project. From creating user journeys, wire frames, final designs ready for the app store, as all as brand the brand identity, logo creation and marketing content. This project was really great to see a concept go from an idea to being implemented into high end fashion brands, weddings and launch parties. I also learnt a lot about time management, learning a new software Firebase. This was used to manage all the backend data, allowing me and the development team to work seamlessly. 


Integrating Firebase into the workflow

Once the app was live, I decided to write an article, discussing how firebase helps to unite the development and design time, preventing loss in work flow and smoother project management. 

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