I am a London based Product Designer solving customer first problems for mobile apps and web-based experiences, to create desirable products people love to use!

I work within product squads with Project Managers and my fellow creatives. I have worked in various companies and agencies and even spent some time abroad in Sweden (Hej Hej).

I also love craft making, and lately, in lockdown, I have gone craft mad and have opened my own Etsy shop, selling soaps, prints badges, you name it, I'll craft it!

👋🏼 HEY, I'm Melissa

recent CAse Studies

Photobox Creation studio

Earlier this year I joined the design team for the Photobox group. I joined the core editor team, creating the new editor for the Photobox site, in order to increase AoV and conversion. In September 2019, Photobox's new creation studio went live 100% of customer traffic and was successful in the first "peak" from release. Using a comprehensive customer insight strategy and A/B testing approach we were able to drive experience and revenue upside throughout the project. This has resulted in +33% AoV, -50% creation time and +5.5pp better conversion.

Service Design

Mobile Web

Event management dashboard

This was a bespoke event management project to assist lager companies to track and build their own event system. Skip all the hassle of outsourcing to a 3rd party, with endless emails, when you can build your own quickly and easily.

Quander lets you build, monitor, and executive in less than a couple of hours. The solution is a dashboard giving these users more confidence and accuracy to make a smooth event manager, to track and monitor event success to share with key stakeholders. 

Interaction Design